If someone has a tumbling or gymnastic mat at home it will be beneficial for an experienced tabla as well as a new gymnastic enthusiast within your home. The thing about gymnastics is that you really cannot get help from the existing furniture at home. So the air track tumbling mat is the one anyone can start with.

Because the floors we have in our home are not that comfortable that we have in our gyms. You’ll be having bruises all over the body soon if you don’t pay attention to having a cushioned floor.

Maybe you’ll have ambiguity in your mind that you’ll have no use for anything other than one thing. The best air track tumbling Mat is very much versatile when it comes to the purpose. The gymnastic enthusiast will absolutely love the best home tumbling Mat for rolls, walks, handstands, or maybe cartwheels.

If someone is practicing gymnastics within your home that would be a great way to improve your skills without having to go to the gym every day. So if you’re looking for the best gymnastic kids tumbling mat for home then you should stick to this article till the end.

No need to struggle more in finding the best or right type of gymnastic mats in your life. Because we are here to introduce you to the best type of air mat for tumbling with all of the necessary information anyone needs in life.

Before that let me introduce you to what is the best tumbling mat?

So simply something that is used as a mat for gymnastics or these sorts of skills are known as tumbling mat. They are usually covered with foam and leather together.

So let’s begin the search for the best tumbling mat to buy.

Remember that we have gathered all the information about the best-rated home tumbling mat and we are the best home tumbling mat.

1: First tumbling Mat is from EZ GLAM Air Mat Tumble 

One of the most inflatable tumbling mats can be used as a gymnastic floor or in fitness clubs. This can be used on the beach or backyard. Talking about the material and the quality so the air sampling is manufactured of double-wall material which is also known as drop stitch material having 0.9 mm thickness durable commercial grade PVC tarpaulin.

This tracking mat is elementary to handle, and it can be folded and unfold very quickly with the optimum air pressure of up to 5 Psi.

there are more accessories that you will be having for free when purchasing this product like an electric pump and a storage bag.


  • It is a multipurpose air tumbling mat that can be used in your training center, fitness clubs, dance floor, School, home, leisure center gymnasium park, or any other business.
  • The airtightness in the tumbling wedge mat is very much great and durable since reinforcement is made for all.
  • Comparatively other methods take up much less space after deflating so the storage and transportation become very much easy.
  • The safest option to have the best kid tumbling wedge mat in your home.


  • There may be a problem with the air filling or maybe in the pump.
  • There may be a slight leakage of air after a while.
  • The seal can be broken after some time.

Dimensions and weight:

10 ft by 3.3 ft by 4 inches. And it weighs around 14.7 pounds.


If you want to make your journey to the gym and exercise easy, then this can be a good option for anyone.

2: An incredible tumbling mat from Gymnastics Air mat Tumble track Tumbling Mat Inflatable Floor mat with the electric pump.

This Aksport Air mat Tumble Track can be a decent option if someone wants a very bearable and expandable surface for working out.

It can be added to the living room, backyards indoors and outdoors anywhere. Plus this is very much handy so anyone can handle it very much easily. Even this can fit in the backseat of your car. Anyone can leap on it repeatedly without having any fear of injury.



  • This is a very wide folding tumbling mat with a lot of sizes so anyone can use it at the comfort of their gymnasium, School, home, garden, backyard anywhere you want.
  • This is the most durable and non-defamation material with a thousand thicker and stronger filament grade and 0.9 mm high-quality PVC tarpaulin having better airtightness.
  • This 4×8 tumbling mat comes with an electric air pump durable carry bag and repair kit free after purchasing.


  • The size can be different as it is described.
  • It deflates soon.
  • It can be less in quality than it is advertised.

Dimensions and weight:

30.8×14.4×13.9 inches.

It weighs around 51.55 pounds.


It is a very good choice for kids to practice gymnastics at home.

3:An extraordinary tumbling mat from Murtisol 34ft Inflatable Gymnastic training mats Tumbling mats.

This best tumbling mat for home is made from the most amazing quality material which can make it perform better on anti-fading strength aberration resistance as well as aging and crack resistance. This is a form of hardness and comfort both at the same time.

This can use this mad for cheerleading purposes as well as taekwondo confrontation or doing yoga in your swimming pool. This mat is available in many sizes and many people can use this in variety.


  • This product is made of 0.12 mm thick PVC laminated fabric density up to too many. This makes this product do a better performance with long-lasting durability.
  • Anyone can use this mat on grass as well as indoor or can use this in school and anywhere else wanted.
  • There is a full exercise kit available with a 600-watt electric pump to inflate and deflate quickly can have a repairing kit as well which is very easy to handle.


  • Anyone can have trouble with the pump installation.
  • If you’re using this on a rough surface, durability is not promised.
  • There can be faults in the pump hose and attachment.

Weight and Dimensions:

The dimension and weight are not mentioned.


Since it is available in all sizes, it can be chosen for a variety of people of different ages.

4:A remarkable tumbling mat 86-York inflatable Gymnastic Air Mat Tumble Trak Tumbling Mat with pump.

This 86 york track is a very good waterproof inflatable training incline tumbling mat for children and toddlers where they can use this anywhere safely and effectively working on standing and running no matter indoor or outdoor. There will be very much fewer chances of overuse injuries than on traditional training equipment because it gives bounce and it is very easy to install.

One can easily take this mat along anywhere going because it’s very light and small to fit on the back seat of any car. Not only that it can be set up and packed in minutes.


  • There is a very wide application can do with this inflatable gymnastic mat. Anyone can use this as a gymnastic fluid gym floor high-performance training fluid on fitness club dance club water backyard or any other outdoor.
  • It is made from the most durable material and double-wall to have the desired thickness from PVC trampoline to have better durability.
  • There will be no noise when inflating this product because of the pressure.


  • The pump attached with this best rolled tumbling mat can be broken or damaged.
  • There can be problems with inflation or deflation.
  • The durability is not promised when it is used on a rough surface.

Weight and dimensions:

It is the best choice product 4’×8’×2″ pu leather gymnastic tumbling/martial arts folding mat.


If you want to buy a fold tumbling mat 4×8 for your outdoor garden area then this can be a good option. This is the best air tumbling track mat for young gymnast reviews and is pretty good at the site.

5:Another Astounding tumbling mat from Happybuy 10ft Inflatable Gymnastic tumbling Mat 4 in Thick Air Tumbling.

This air track tumbling mat is a very professional track with four-piece training math with first-class technology and great material. Not only that it can utilize in a variety of applications for commercial or interior use.

Disturbing mat is very much easy to handle to fold and unfold very easily.

The manufacturers of these products take care of customer service so they deliver within 2 to 3 days of your order.


  • Disturbing mad can be used for training for large size of groups training for professional gymnastic programs or just for entertainment purposes at home.
  • This can be used in fitness for dance clubs, yoga classes, schools of young as well as swimming pools and parties.
  • The transportation of this product is very much easy as the deflating and inflating is super portable.
  • Disturbing mat is tested and proved as a qualified in-home usage as well as environmentally friendly material.


  • There can be a problem if it is used near fire or inflammatory objects.
  • You can have a slight disturbance in deflating the mat at some point.

Dimension and Weight:

Size is 16 feet by 3.3 feet by 8 inches.


According to the inflatable tumbling mat, reviews are a very outstanding product for your business and the best air track floor air may be tumbling. This foldable tumbling mat has a very good bounce quality hence it can be loved anyway.

6:An wonderful tumbling mat Alifun Air mat track inflatable Gymnastic tumble track gym mat

A tumble exercise mat made by Alifun is the lightest in weight. This tumbling mat is made up of double-wall material which is commonly known as drop stage material and has a highly stretchable thickness other than the commercial-grade PVC tarpaulin.

The most amazing thing about this gym track is it is 100% waterproof and it can leave this on your swimming pool forever.


  • This is a triple and PVC 7 layer design with a drop-stitched tech air mat that is so light in weight.
  • This is very easy to carry and very much comfortable and outdoor use.
  • This product is double-layer PVC waterproof material and all seems and force with heat sealing adhesive.
  • This is the best choice product inclinegymnatics mat training foam triangle gym tumbling wedge and its outer layer is an anti-slip layer that is printed on the surface of the mad and hollow treatment is done which mostly increases friction and prevents slipping during exercise.


  • The company is having very many customers on an hourly basis so there can be negligence on the customer service.
  • There will be leakage when it is touched with a sharp object.


Dimensions and weight:

It’s 120×39.6×48 inches. And it weighs around 19 pounds.


It’s a good option if your child is a cheerleader and wants something to practice. What octagon tumbling mat is best recommended for 13-year-old.

7: A wonderful tumbling mat from Giantex Incline Gymnastic Mat Wedge shape Gymnastic, gym fitness tumbling skill shape Mat for kids.

This product is slightly different other than all the previous maths because it is made up of polyethylene foam. This is ergonomically designed which is an incline in shape and has a slope. Disturbing mad is very much perfect for morning exercise, gymnastic stretching yoga, and daily care activities.

The surface of this mat is resistant made up of PVC covering and has a slipper seal design to change the padding as per the requirements.


  • Since there is no need for air inflation so this product is very much comfortable if the user is old age. This is the best tumbling mat for backhandspring.
  • It can be used to combine your choice of colors to make an aesthetic look of your room or background.
  • It can use this surface for tumbling, jumping, rolling with super durability.
  • You can change the padding if you think you need or just for the cleaning purpose.


  • There can be an issue if you want a massive size.
  • No water-resistant surface so you can’t adjust this permanently outside.

Dimensions and weight:

It has dimensions around 60×30×14 inches. With a weight of 12.5 pounds.


This mat is also perfect when you’re looking for a toddler playing bed or area. This can be the best air tumbling track for air gymnastics.

8: A beautifully designed tumbling mat Z athletic Adjustable Kip Bar Gym mat.

This is an exceptional tumbling mat which is designed exclusively for the gymnastic purpose. There are an expandable keyboard ground balance beam and equality mat. Which is built with steel legs and rail which is very much high-quality fibreglassing weighs 300 lbs and lasts to gymnastic level 3 or 4.


  • If someone is taking gymnastic classes so this product is exclusively for them which is having a solid wood core balance beam.
  • The material of this product is exceptional which is made up of high-quality horizontal bars.
  • The material is so strong that even adults can use it easily.
  • It contains a layer of cross-linked form laminated to the top surface of the beam for cushioning.


  • The product delivered can be different from the shown image.
  • The quality of the product is not what was promised.

Dimensions and weight:

It is almost 4ft by 8ft and a 2inches of gymnastic Mat weighing around 250 pounds.


This mat is very easy to assemble and a very good choice for kids having participated in Gymnastic.

Let’s have an eye on the comparison table for the previous 8 tumbling mats.


EZ glam tumbling mat

AKSports Tumbling air Mat

Murtisol inflatable


86 York inflatable






Air inflatable

Giantex inflatable




Mint green




New green

Baby pink






Double knit fabric

Drawding pvc

Polyethylene foam










Ez glam



86 york





10 ft by 3.3 ft by 4 inc



10ft by

13ft by

16ft by


39.37″ by

118.11 by 7.87

120″ by 39.6 by 48″


9: A decent choice of tumbling mat from Springee 6ft Balance beam.

Another gymnastics equipment ahead. This is a gymnastic beam that is used to have the right balance or to maintain them.

You can land your routine protectively without sleeping on this beam base with non-slip gripper dots to guard against sliding at any surface.

Now you can practice your gymnastics easily with this springee beam and hide it anywhere you want.


  • This product is very light and soft and up to 160 lbs, you cannot feel or flex.
  • There is no worry about slipping because of its non-slip gripper dots.
  • The carrying of this product is effortless, and you can carry it along anywhere.


  • The beam is very much soft and squishy.
  • The size is compatible only if you’re a kid.

Dimensions and weight:

The Dimensions include 37×7×5.5 inches And since it’s a beam, it weighs around 3.25 pounds.



It is a foldable and great quality beam anyone can choose for their kids. It is not something dangerous that can harm.

10:A livable tumbling mat from Ibigbean Inflatable Tumble Track training Mats home gym mats series.

This is an inflatable Temple track airboard which can be a good substitute for gym training.

It is met with the thousand deniers double wall fabric material which is highly durable and hardly twisting and bending.

The thing which makes this Tumble track you need is a rebound or bouncing quality that you can also use on water surfaces.


  • This ibigbean inflatable tumble track is very easy to inflate or deflate within minutes.
  • It is manufactured with high-quality material that doesn’t touch the bottom when tumbling.
  • You can easily adjust this on the floor and water.
  • It is very much easy to set up anywhere inside or outside the house.
  • You can use this as explosive training.


  • The air can be leaked after a few days.
  • The material can be hardened when it is placed directly in the sunlight.
  • The material seems it can not be lasting longer.

Dimensions and weight:

It weighs almost 47×20×15 inches and weighs around 52.91 pounds.


If you have a gymnastic lover mind or somebody around you, this can be a good buy.

11: A reasonable tumbling mat from We sell mat gymnastic incline mat Folding and non-folding cheese wedge shape tumbling mat for gymnastic training.

this matter is perfect for gymnastic skill development incline Mats are at the heart of any progressive skill development program and our gymnastic cheese weight scale mat is perfect for beginning gymnastic cheerleading kids or adults wanting to be perfect in their skill. No matter you are training for bus vaulting basic tumbling and conditioning your benefit greatly from the commercial-grade incline mat. There are various features that we have to look forward to.


  • The incline wedge design is for home gymnastic training and makes you perfect for tumbling.
  • The material is very high quality and anti-tear when I said the face makes that ripping resistance.
  • If there is a kid who wants to practice gymnastics for beginners a term this can be the right choice for him.
  • This time playing mat is very easy to carry and the clean-up you can handle easily and clean the surface with simple soap and water.


  • Since it’s made with tough material, it can be hard.
  • The surface of this mat can be rough over time.

Dimensions and weight:

It’s 30 by 17 by 30 inches in dimension and you can have lime green or blue


This can be a good choice for kids if they are starting.

12: An elegant tumbling mat from Gymnastics Mat Folding tumbling Exercise Mat-2″ 4″ thick folding gym Aerobics Mats kids home yoga mat

This folding gymnastic mat is a great addition to your home gym and provides you with a comfortable spot to do your floor exercises and yoga. This exercise mat is thick and quite durable. It has a convenient design so that you can fold it and store it when you are not in the mood of exercising.

There are many pros that you really can consider right.


  • This folding exercise mat is very much convenient for gymnastic tumbling general exercise programs for martial arts training or Pilates.
  • The material is top quality with 2 inches or 4 inches thick from white high-density polyethene form.
  • This is very much portable and this gymnastic Mat is foldable with handles on two of its ends.
  • Anyone can use this mat for babies as their playing area.


  • There can be enough scratches and marks which cannot be undone.
  • This can be harder if you are looking for a softer area


It is 96.06 by 48.03 by 1.97 inches and a total of 10.85 pounds.


This mat can be a good option when you’re looking to protect your children from rough surfaces.

13: Another delightful tumbling mat from Happybuy Air track tumbling mat for Gymnastic and Martial Arts cheerleading.

If you are looking for a professional air track tumbling mat then you are at the right place. This product is made of premium training mat material and has first-class technology for gymnastic air track. The inflating and deflating mechanism is effortless plus the design is very much portable, and you can carry ee anywhere you want.


  • This track is made of 0.4 inches PVC brush material which is a very much durable and waterproof wear-resisting design for a long-lasting effect.
  • Through the heat shield process, our gymnastic air track mat performs well with excellent air tightness and with no air leakage to ensure you’re safe and comfortable both at once.
  • The design is very much portable with durable handles on both sides. This tumbling mat is very much easy to carry and move wherever you go.
  • The kit includes a fuse for an electric pump to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand and to inflate at the right place.
  • They can be used as gymnastics for indoor or outdoor anywhere you want.


  • There can be a problem in tracking the parcel.
  • The quality was much compromised and low as per shown.

Dimension and weight:

There are various options of dimension including 10ft,13ft,17ft,25ft,23ft,26ft 35ft 33ft,36ft and 40ft.

Weights depend on size and dimensions.



It is so versatile because it is available in many sizes. So it can be used in many places by anyone.

Let’s just compare all these last tumbling mats on the table.


Springee balance beam

Ibigbean Inflatable mat

We sell mats gymnastic incline mat

Gymnastic mat by gymmats direct


Different types

Grey/ice blue

Blue/lime green

Royal blue



Pvc and polyester


Polyethylene foam









We sell mats



3 inches tall

47″×20×15″ inches

30×17×30 inches

5’×10’×2″ inches


So when you are done with seeing all the best tumbling mats that can be your partners in gymnastic original living or anywhere you want here is something we want to tell you.

this nothing matters whether you are an intermediate or MLA or an experienced sportsman or a pro who knows how to use a mat. there is always something on this list to suit best upon your situation and your ambiance. To be very honest you don’t even have to be a gymnastic to get benefits from these quality mats.

cheerleaders’ wrestlers or boxers, dancers can also make good use of gymnastic mat in their daily routine.

At the time of covid or pandemic, this is not safe to visit the gym daily. Same as if your kid is taking a class at an institute this cannot be good for him or her.

So no need to worry more. These options can be good alternatives if you’re staying home due to a pandemic or you want your kid to spend more time with you.

Make your home your comfort zone and a practical area for your hobbies and make sure to find the best for you or your loved ones.

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